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July 15, 2008 by adnauseam
They call Guantanamo Bay Rumsfeld's baby. Rumsfeld has been proven to be a fool who could not decide what a WMD is.Rumsfeld was also the man who dithered while Iraq burnt. He had no plan, no after-invasion infrastructure logistics in hand and , worst of all, he had no idea how he was going to handle any situation, except by trigger. Rumsfeld was/is an asshole, in American speak. This command of his was like asking Yogi Bear to organise the Olympics because he knew how to swim. As ...
July 14, 2008 by adnauseam
What did you throw out last week? Did you re-cycle some waste? Did you save any energy? Some of us do better than others. Joeusers, did you actually waste any food or did you give to the poor? Did you waste any food without thinking of the poor? Were you wasteful in any of your chores, and did you think about it? How did you save energy? Let's have your stories.

I am personally guilty and it shocks me. I live in a third World Country and should know better! Before I lived here most ...
July 9, 2008 by adnauseam
THe G8 is a farce--the talking heads from the most powerful economic nations on Earth have talked themselves silly. Here's why I think so:

They have not done anything about President Al Bashir of Sudan for his disregard for law and order, and human rights in Darfur.

They have decided to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe without actually causing any harm to Zimbabwe at all. If Comrade Mugabe wishes to pull a heart attack out of his conniving bosom, he'll be in the Mayo Clinic before th...
July 2, 2008 by adnauseam
They sat there in the Monaco of Egypt (Sharm El Sheik), on the Red Sea and hailed Mugabe as a hero. Personally I'm ashamed, as an adopted Egyptian---as it's my home, to host this cowardly bunch of bastards.

An AU summit was hastily put together in Egypt to sort out the "Mugabe Problem" and they lauded him and crept up his heroic backside! Some spoke out in squeaks and it was decided that mediation was necessary in that troubled country. Mbeki (he of the liberation brotherhood), was chosen as ...
July 1, 2008 by adnauseam
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June 19, 2008 by adnauseam
I'm not deliberately trying to be controversial but I'm sure many of our readers are sick of Robert Mugabe. So let's add some hot spice and look at one of the most egotistical personalities in television. It's all an act, you say, as it's on a comedy channel! I say it's half act and half serious with Steve Colbert making love to himself while he hammers away at topics that are certainly not comedic.

Last night (Middle East TV), he chose to hammer some judges for deciding that Gitmo inma...
June 13, 2008 by adnauseam
Robert Mugabe has, with today's declaration of "War" against the MDC (opposition), started a civil war in his country. I have for long hoped that Zimbabwe would never get to this point but Mugabe, having been beaten in the last elections, will now ensure, with the assistance of his military (who are actually in control), that the MDC will not win any power in Zimbabwe.

What is really happening in this God-forsaken country? The military will ensure that MDC supporters will be beaten into...
June 6, 2008 by adnauseam
"Vote for me or you will not eat!"

Sese Seko-no.

Idi Amin-no

Haille Sellassie -no.


I cannot write a longer post because I'm absolutely disgusted with Africa's ignorant reluctance to bring Comrade Mugabe into line. And I include the US and the UK and the EU in my displeasure. Who is going to wake up and see the need for action against Zimbabwe's senile leader? Please explain to me and provide proof that Iraq was ripe for invasion but Zimbabwe is not. The regime should b...
May 16, 2008 by adnauseam
If a magic genie appeared from a lamp and asked me what I would wish for most I think I would probably ask for the normal things:

-May my adult children be happy in their lives. I am pleased that they have grown up in a loving environment and that peace in the home has been so important. I wonder how many families realise that a peaceful, supportive home life is so important. Many may say that conflict teaches children to deal with it but I believe children need stability. My two adult childr...
May 14, 2008 by adnauseam
Myanmar, formerly, Burma, has a record--- stretching back 50 years--of an oppressive government forcing its will on the people. I am reminded of the North Koreans , the Cubans (to a lesser extent), and modern Zimbabwe.

When a disaster like the dreaded cyclone of a week ago strikes such a country the leaders are suspicious of any attempts to provide aid. In fact they think they have everything under control --not realising that this is a disaster of massive proportions AND they cannot possibly...
April 26, 2008 by adnauseam
More results are flowing in from Zim after a re-count aimed at boosting Mugabe's lead in the recent elections. There was no parliamentary gain for Comrade Robert, and the MDC, Morgan Tsangvirai's party, has clearly won. However, in a country like Zimbabwe nothing is regarded as normal. While the President in waiting sits outside the country, Mugabe's thugs clamp down on the MDC and brutally beat the winning party faithful. Like Sese Seko and Tshombe and countless others the thugs appea...
April 18, 2008 by adnauseam
If George Bush, Condoleeza Rice and Tony Blair--and many others before them--cannot solve the Palestinian problem, why criticize Jimmy Carter for trying to do something about it by meeting Hamas.

I doubt Carter will make significant headway but the US government feels he should not be talking to the "bad boys". How do you make any progress if you don't talk to the enemy? How do you justify criticism when your own policy on Palestine is ineffective and goes no further than "peace-speak'" ...
April 13, 2008 by adnauseam
Of course if Thabo Mbeki says there is no crisis in Zimbabwe then there cannot be a crisis. And if the neighbouring leaders gathering in Zambia say there is no crisis there cannot be one.

These gracious fools have only one agenda: Support Mugabe in his time of need. After all he is a comrade--a fool yes, but still a comrade. Comrade commander (Iron Cross of the Third Reich), Mugabe is right and the violence perpetrated by his brutal police and military is pie in the sky!

April 5, 2008 by adnauseam
It is crunch time for Zimbabwe. Like no other election before, the people of Zimbabwe have spoken. They want to get rid of a tyrant who has reduced their country to a shell. However, the senile despot Mugabe, will not accept the results--I knew that would happen--so, like Tshombe and Sese Seko and many others, Mugabe has brought out his army, police and war veteran thugs to bring everyone into line. I predict that the people of Zimbabwe are tired of this mega-thug. I predict that the people will...
March 15, 2008 by adnauseam
Recently there was a "hullabaloo" --ergo, fuss, about the waste of money spent on anti-depressants by the NHS (National Health). No argument from me as I suppose many people are asking for anti-depressant drugs as their lifestyles get out of hand. Financial problems, emotional problems and stress seem to be modern day life-style maladies and many people are looking for a quick fix.

The genuinely depressed count in amongst the figures of drugs dispensed and they are the people who really need ...