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March 2, 2009 by adnauseam
Many African countries, 40 or 50 years after independance are still unstable and not worth the effort of visiting. It is a sad reflection on how these countries are ruled, and, although many blame the colonial masters of the past , mismanagement and corruption do not reflect this.

Here are some countries you should avoid traveling to--with great caution or at your peril.

Guinea-Bissau-President Viera has been assassinated. Country in turmoil. Avoid.

Zimbabwe-Victoria Falls may be attrac...
November 7, 2008 by adnauseam
Rich Limbaugh is a God in his own little heaven. How Americans can place a thug like this on such a high pedestal beats me. Obama hasn't taken three steps yet and is now a Chicago thug. Who's next : The Pope---a Vatican pimp?


Makes me sick. Enough said.
August 3, 2008 by adnauseam
I know that many Joeusers are interested in History so I decided to provide some factual evidence on the Siege Of Sarajevo for you to link to. It makes heavy and horrific reading but it is all factual evidence provided by the United Nations Commission of Experts.

I prefer to look at the involvement of Milosevic, Karadicz, Mladic and others rather than condemn them outright---because I do not understand the reasons. But, if you read this report and read various reports on Srebrenica and the ma...
July 24, 2008 by adnauseam
I'm sure many Joeusers are as puzzled as I am!

Do you wonder why President Al Bashir of the Sudan visits Darfur to a great and tumultuous reception when he has committed the most vile atrocities against these people? He was received with dancing, ululating and posters of support. No one told him that the crowd could have been much larger if he had not wiped most of them out. The ICC has declared him a war criminal and rightly so. They'll get him eventually.

Do you wonder why Radovan K...
July 14, 2008 by adnauseam
What did you throw out last week? Did you re-cycle some waste? Did you save any energy? Some of us do better than others. Joeusers, did you actually waste any food or did you give to the poor? Did you waste any food without thinking of the poor? Were you wasteful in any of your chores, and did you think about it? How did you save energy? Let's have your stories.

I am personally guilty and it shocks me. I live in a third World Country and should know better! Before I lived here most ...
May 14, 2008 by adnauseam
Myanmar, formerly, Burma, has a record--- stretching back 50 years--of an oppressive government forcing its will on the people. I am reminded of the North Koreans , the Cubans (to a lesser extent), and modern Zimbabwe.

When a disaster like the dreaded cyclone of a week ago strikes such a country the leaders are suspicious of any attempts to provide aid. In fact they think they have everything under control --not realising that this is a disaster of massive proportions AND they cannot possibly...
April 26, 2008 by adnauseam
More results are flowing in from Zim after a re-count aimed at boosting Mugabe's lead in the recent elections. There was no parliamentary gain for Comrade Robert, and the MDC, Morgan Tsangvirai's party, has clearly won. However, in a country like Zimbabwe nothing is regarded as normal. While the President in waiting sits outside the country, Mugabe's thugs clamp down on the MDC and brutally beat the winning party faithful. Like Sese Seko and Tshombe and countless others the thugs appea...
April 18, 2008 by adnauseam
If George Bush, Condoleeza Rice and Tony Blair--and many others before them--cannot solve the Palestinian problem, why criticize Jimmy Carter for trying to do something about it by meeting Hamas.

I doubt Carter will make significant headway but the US government feels he should not be talking to the "bad boys". How do you make any progress if you don't talk to the enemy? How do you justify criticism when your own policy on Palestine is ineffective and goes no further than "peace-speak'" ...
April 13, 2008 by adnauseam
Of course if Thabo Mbeki says there is no crisis in Zimbabwe then there cannot be a crisis. And if the neighbouring leaders gathering in Zambia say there is no crisis there cannot be one.

These gracious fools have only one agenda: Support Mugabe in his time of need. After all he is a comrade--a fool yes, but still a comrade. Comrade commander (Iron Cross of the Third Reich), Mugabe is right and the violence perpetrated by his brutal police and military is pie in the sky!

April 5, 2008 by adnauseam
It is crunch time for Zimbabwe. Like no other election before, the people of Zimbabwe have spoken. They want to get rid of a tyrant who has reduced their country to a shell. However, the senile despot Mugabe, will not accept the results--I knew that would happen--so, like Tshombe and Sese Seko and many others, Mugabe has brought out his army, police and war veteran thugs to bring everyone into line. I predict that the people of Zimbabwe are tired of this mega-thug. I predict that the people will...
February 28, 2008 by adnauseam
The President of Sudan, Omar Al Bashir, regarded by many as a war criminal, has decided to whip his flock into a frenzy over a re-print of the Danish cartoons . He has banned Danes and Danish products from his ravished country and has brought thousands of Sudanese out in protest into the streets of Khartoum. Don't these people work? Don't they have nothing better to do than march through streets promising to cut Denmark's throat.  These are the protestors who marched a few months ago in out...
February 11, 2008 by adnauseam

At long last some of the suspects behind the most vicious attack on American soil will stand trial. Personally, as I believe in the death penalty. I hope they will be executed. However, and I often seek advice from my American friends---so please enlighten me- I wonder why they are being tried at Guantanamo. Here are the things that worry me:

February 10, 2008 by adnauseam
Egypt kicks off against Cameroun in twenty minutes time. It is the final match of the African Cup Of Nations tournament and this city of Cairo has been feverish, itchy, jubilant and excited since they qualified for the final a few days ago. You cannot get away from the flag waving, marching supporters,wedding-like groups of cars hooting in unison. This is a huge city--twenty million people and counting--and they are all thinking about the same thing-Football. My typing is slow and the kick-off i...
January 16, 2008 by adnauseam
I live in Egypt and GW visited here today (not in Cairo---he's not terribly welcome here and the chaos that would have ensued had he come here, may even have led to me closing my school. (I'm not just talking traffic deadlock or a city ringed by troops--I'm talking massive anti-Bush protest). GW is supposed to be an ally of Egypt but unfortunately due to the Iraq war and Condi cutting aid because of poor border control into Gaza, there is a slight falling out.

Anyway, he flew into Sharm El Sh...
January 13, 2008 by adnauseam
Perhaps some of you know that there are moves afoot in the UK to transplant organs from the deceased to those needing them without the consent of the family.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has decided that this may be a way of saving more lives. He is right but the decision is not his to make (echoes of Edinburgh body snatching come to mind when a Scotsman is involved!). When a government that is mired in enough problems as it is, seeks to pounce on the cadaver then I think they are trying to di...