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August 10, 2008 by adnauseam
My wife thinks I'm an atheist because I believe in some of the teachings of Richard Dawkins. Dawkins simply tells us that religion is a personal thing. Whether he seeks to make out that religion is waylaid by false beliefs is his way way of saying : don't believe everything you read . This is the era of technology and questioning and I question whether a book of phrases, gobbledygook and shaky history is something that should stick to like glue to a blanket.

I don't believe I'm an atheis...
August 31, 2006 by adnauseam
I blogged the other day and said that the Supernatural was anathema to me. I had a very frightening experience when I was younger and I denied any Supernatural acknowledgement after that. Here's my short story:

I was 20 years old (this is almost 40 years ago!), and my girlfriend at the time became friendly with people who belonged to a Spiritualist church. I attended a service or two and found it quite unnatural---the seances and the belief in the after-life boggled my mind. Here was a church...
July 12, 2004 by adnauseam
Dear Joeuser Bloggers,
I'm on a two month sabbatical so I don't get to write as much as I would like to right now. In fact, I itch to get that laptop onto my bed and pluck away at the keys. Especially when I see adulterated crap on the TV as I did the other night. In fact I was so disgusted I did pull the old laptop out and decided to vent my fury with this missive.

I'm about to be controversial so I need fellow American bloggers to help me on this one: READ first, then I'll ask three simpl...