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If you have cholera!
Published on December 11, 2008 By adnauseam In Just Hanging Out

Yesterday 10 th December, Sky News reported that 764 people had died from cholera in Zimbabwe, 15 000 and upwards were suffering from the disease and 500 cholera victims were being treated in South Africa.


Today 11th December, Comrade Robert Mugabe, President of a dying nation, announced that there were was no more cholera in Zimbabwe---his valiant doctors had conquered the disease. This is nothing short of a miracle. No drugs, no clean water, no infrastructure, and the Great Mugabe has again solved the problem. This is indeed amazing. In fact The Great Comrade must be an apostle of God with his miraculous powers.

Let me not jest any more--does Mugabe not realise that lying hypocrites of his ilk will serve a population of NIL soon?Is he so insane that he can sweep away all problems in a dying country in a hand sweep? This optimistic comrade will soon be leader of an empty regime, an empty purse and a burial ground for all Zimbabwe's people.

I mourn for this other Somalia. I weep for this other Rwanda. More importantly, I condemn the leaders of Botswana, Mocambique, Zambia, Swaziland and the Republic of South Africa for holding back on action against Zimbabwe simply because Mugabe was a " saviour from colonialism" and a "Freedom fighter".

What price does freedom cost? Zimbabweans know!



on Dec 11, 2008

No, he does not know.  He is surrounded by sycophants that tell him what he wants to hear, not what is real.  Sad and a shame.

on Dec 12, 2008

He needs to go to jail.  The international community needs to act to remove him from power.  I really don't know what it is going to take to change things.  How much worse can things get?  I'm afraid that we will have to find out. 

on Dec 13, 2008

Haven't you heard? All the problems stem from the west, the US and UK in particular. So what if he wanted to drive white farmers off (violently if needed) and give the land to his "supporters" (who know nothing about farming). Maybe since he can work medical miracles he can work one out for food. Shipping food and medicine to this place is useless, I say drop the opposition some weapons so they can clean up their own mess. They just need a little "Change they can believe in".