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Or do you shake your head?
Published on July 24, 2008 By adnauseam In Current Events

I'm sure many Joeusers are as puzzled as I am!

Do you wonder why President Al Bashir of the Sudan visits Darfur to a great and tumultuous reception when he has committed the most vile atrocities against these people? He was received with dancing, ululating and posters of support. No one told him that the crowd could have been much larger if he had not wiped most of them out. The ICC has declared him a war criminal and rightly so. They'll get him eventually.

Do you wonder why Radovan Karadicz is still in Belgrade? After all Milosevic was flown to the Hague within days. Perhaps they need more information on Mladic (sic) who is second wanted on the list. I suggest they get the "Monster of Srebenica" (sic) safely tucked up in the Hague as soon as possible. Pity they have no ropes at the Hague.

Do you wonder--let me rephrase that--do you believe that Comrade Mugabe will share government with Tsvangirai? I hope so but I doubt it.

Do you wonder about the rising cost of food and living expenses when the USA and UK (to a lesser extent), pour millions into wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

I'm confused, Joeusers. Your comments please!

on Jul 25, 2008

I have no answers.