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Some notes.
Published on February 13, 2009 By adnauseam In Life

I'm not going to attempt a lengthy post or a persuasive argument. I'm just going to say that I believe in Darwin's theories because there is no other logical explanation for man's evolution. We are mammals (with mammal characteristics), with highly developed brains yet we often use those brains for petty reasons, aggressive reasons (war) and cruel reasons (our treatment of others and defenceless animals).

The mammal we are, developed over millions of years,  may have come from the water or the rock, but I'm damn sure he did not have any connection related to any biblical theories of any kind. The proof lies in the hair on our bodies, our method of giving birth, and the aggression we show to others. However if your heart lies with Christ or God, you are able to overcome many of the ills and evil that troubles us.

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