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Facts you may not know.
Published on September 26, 2006 By adnauseam In Travel
I know there are JoeUsers who have visited Cairo and many others who would like to. Here are some interesting facts about a city that is bigger than most of those in the USA.

* Ignore Internet records: Cairo has over 20 million people.
* There are more than 5 million vehicles in the greater city.
* There are 20 000 plus, black and white taxis. There are over 1000 Yellow Cabs, the new taxis for tourists.
* Some taxis are over 40 years old and a ride in one of these is an experience.
* You can (I know this personally), hail a cab every 5 seconds. You will be an unwilling passenger within ten to 15 seconds.
* Forget their reputation. Taxi drivers are excellent drivers. They have to be!
* A very busy street like Sudan Street can take pedestrians 5 to 10 minutes to cross (unless you are suicidal!).
* There will be between 1 and 6 policemen at every intersection. ( If not directing traffic they will be keeping tourists safe).
* Tourists need to explore more to find the traditional souks and bazaars.
* Sharm El Sheik and other Red Sea resorts, not the Pyramids, are Egypt's most popular destinations.
* A new Egyptian Museum (at Giza, near the Pyramids), is being built around the re-located statue of Ramses 11 and will be completed by 2010.
* As for Egypt in general: Travel by air to Luxor to visit the Valley Of The Kings and return by boat to Cairo. Do not try this in Summer. The temperature in Cairo (in August), reaches 40 degrees but Luxor reaches 45 degrees.
* Pharmacies in Cairo have the cheapest medicines in the World and the Doctors here are superb.
* The majority of Cairenes, young or old, has a cellphone.

I could tell you a lot more--so please ask!

I'm not promoting tourism, by the way, but I do believe that is one of the most fascinating cities I have ever lived in.

on Sep 26, 2006

104-113 Farenheit.  Is it dry heat?

Thanks for the thumbnail!

on Sep 26, 2006
Uh, the link didn't work, at least for me. Not sure if it is me, or what. Thought you'd like to know.

Nice bit here. I've always wanted to visit Egypt.

*nods at doc G* Doc...good to see ya.

on Oct 18, 2006
I want to go to Egypt before I die.