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August 5, 2008 by adnauseam
I've blogged about this before but I was very negative at the time so I thought I would look at pros and cons this time around. By the way, how do other countries compare?

My wife and I spent a "gap" year in Britain in 2004/5. It was a wonderful experience . We wanted to be near our daughter who left South Africa in 1998 to marry an Englishman. As South Africans we found the Winter demanding but heated housing helped. The Summer was a surprise with the beauty of England exposed in all its glo...
June 6, 2008 by adnauseam
"Vote for me or you will not eat!"

Sese Seko-no.

Idi Amin-no

Haille Sellassie -no.


I cannot write a longer post because I'm absolutely disgusted with Africa's ignorant reluctance to bring Comrade Mugabe into line. And I include the US and the UK and the EU in my displeasure. Who is going to wake up and see the need for action against Zimbabwe's senile leader? Please explain to me and provide proof that Iraq was ripe for invasion but Zimbabwe is not. The regime should b...
May 16, 2008 by adnauseam
If a magic genie appeared from a lamp and asked me what I would wish for most I think I would probably ask for the normal things:

-May my adult children be happy in their lives. I am pleased that they have grown up in a loving environment and that peace in the home has been so important. I wonder how many families realise that a peaceful, supportive home life is so important. Many may say that conflict teaches children to deal with it but I believe children need stability. My two adult childr...
February 15, 2008 by adnauseam
My wife (God bless her), intrigues me with some of her housekeeping habits. I tend to ignore most but she is a hoarder, "destroyer " of appliances, and, at times, a threat to the household.

So I'll set the scenes and Joeuser wives can have a go at their husbands in response!

Why do wives:

Try to stuff 15kg of washing into a 7 kg washer and complain that the machine is producing dirty clothes and trying to bounce itself all over the laundry room?

Try to soften butter in a microwave in...
February 5, 2008 by adnauseam
Recently one of my students told me that he was using his mother's Facebook account. I was quite shocked because this (very savvy), child is only 9 years old. I have had to tell young children that Facebook and other sites which expose your persona are dangerous. In fact I think Facebook itself can be dangerous for adults too. It sounds fun and it can encourage friendships between mates but don't Joeusers think that we are exposing ourselves to people with ulterior motives. OK, so as an adult yo...
December 22, 2007 by adnauseam
My wife says I'm an atheist but I'm really a realist--a person who examines every situation carefully rather than being led by the blind, including some churches and their leaders who do very little for the good of mankind. Many churches are also peopled by hypocritical congregationists who place their fat, comfortable girths onto a pew and rejoice in the fact that life is great and they are doing their Christian duty by attending worship "hour". I use "some" and "many" carefully as there are ma...
December 17, 2007 by adnauseam
My wife hurt her hand so I decided to order in at the office. I'm fond of McDonalds' fish fillet sandwich so I ordered with fries. I know every Mac is different but the quality here in Cairo is poor. The french fries that came with my fish can only be described as little sticks of greasy, hard, old potato (wood, straw and tooth hurting shrivelled matches come to mind). A French fry or chip, as we call it in South africa, should be fresh, thick and, although a little fatty outside, tender and sof...
December 3, 2007 by adnauseam
My wife calls a a mouse a rat. You've heard that before, right? And a rat is the size of a cat. I have endured her horror for many years and invariably the rat is a mouse--a tiny thing you could enclose in one hand. She is a strong woman who is invariably turned to a trembling heap of mush by the sight of a single dropping--and, should she see the offending creature--then all hell breaks loose. I am usually the guy caught in the trap.

It's hard to understand women. We have lived in Africa all...
November 28, 2007 by adnauseam
Recently LW roasted Aeryck because she felt offended. I know LW's ways and she does not like criticism. She has not had the easiest life and I'm quite sure she has seen evil in every sense.

However, and this is my point, there is no need for thread posters to use blasphemy in support of her. I am not a Christian in the club of bible punchers as I have my own views, but I feel that some replies would not have been accepted in the JU of 3 or 4 years ago.

My finger is pointed mainly in the di...
November 18, 2007 by adnauseam
I was thinking the other day about early inventors of products that play a great role in our lives today. Some names live on even if the name does not control the company. Put your thinking caps on, Joeusers, and add to my list.

Robert Carrier invented the air conditioner. His name is on the best air conditioners you will find today.
Thomas Edison invented many great things--The Edison cap lightbulb is still named after him. Are there others?
We all know about A.G. Bell but does his family ...
November 11, 2007 by adnauseam
I'm a collector of junk. I collect banknotes, tokens, model diecast cars and planes and old watches. E-bay is like heaven to me even though many people ask atrocious prices for their old stuff. Some sellers are pretty savvy and ask catalogue prices plus markup--others would try to sell a dollar note for ten bucks. As with all sites similar to this you use your judgement and knowledge to avoid buying a dud. You have to learn to read the language. "Scarce" could mean scarce in a town with populati...
September 20, 2007 by adnauseam
My dog Gus is extremely fussy when it comes to eating so I decided to have a chat with him about his fussy habits.

Me: Gus, you've become rather strange since the, er, operation.
Gus: Wouldn't you be strange if you had your sex organs removed.
Me: Well, I suppose I would but I don't go around spraying male hormones and urine everywhere.
Gus: It's my right as a male dog guarding your house.
Me: Well, I don't see what pissing on the bed has to do with guarding the house. Let's change the su...
September 18, 2007 by adnauseam
The words: "Non-Alcoholic beer " are enough to send any sane, dedicated beer drinker into a fit of coughing, strange facial expressions usually to do with the tongue--or a torrent of expletives one of which is usually the word "piss" Why is non-alcoholic beer so unpalatable and why can't they get the taste right?

As Egypt is a Muslim country and that type of beer sells well here (in supermarkets), and as I am a real beer drinker, I decided to do a taste test. I chose 4 non-alcos and here are ...
September 6, 2007 by adnauseam
A Luddite is a person who rejects modern technology. I am very keen on modern technology and admire the the way modern minds have come up with ways to ease our lives. However, it seems that the easing of life is now taking on another dimension i.e. we oldies now have to acquire personal training to access information/follow instructions that a ten year old can do in ten seconds. Ask any teenager if he needs to read the handbook for a new phone, DVD player or PS3 and he shrugs and clicks, nods, ...
September 3, 2007 by adnauseam
100 years is a long time and many Statesmen made their mark in the Twentieth Century. Who stands out the most? Who is regarded as a real Statesman--a man or woman who really made their mark on the World . It would be interesting to see who tops the list. There are no rules for there are people who stand out way above any others. However our list should consider those people who changed a country, influenced our World and stand head and shoulders above anyone else.

I'm going to kick off with ...