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Published on September 17, 2008 By adnauseam In Just Hanging Out

The captain of the 737 was inclined to say goodbye to all his passengers as he stood at the top of the steps. On this particular day he had banged the plane down at speed as he landed and ruffled all the passengers. He asked a little old lady who was disembarking whether she had enjoyed the flight. 

"Tell me somethng, sonny", she asked, " did we just land or were we shot down?"


Jokes about EgyptAir were once commonplace. The Captain came over the tannoy and announced: "Thank you for flying EgyptAir. Unfortunately we are unable to show a film as the machine is broken. However if you wait ten minutes we shall be flying alongside Syria Airlines and you will able to see Mary Poppins on their screens.


What's your airline joke?

on Sep 17, 2008

The one about the British air captain coming in for a landing at Frankfurt Airport?

on Sep 18, 2008

Hmm, I don't recall any airline jokes at the moment, but then these 2 jokes kinda give me a good reason why i don't. Sorry, I just didn't get the funny part of either one.

on Sep 19, 2008

Come on Doc--tell us.

Charles, thanks for your comment. Your humour meter reads -10. Don't worry it will improve when you have a good day.

on Sep 19, 2008

Here's another: The check in lady was extremely busy and someone jumped the queue.

" Listen, I am a well-known VIP and I need to catch this flight", the man said.

The check in girl announced to to her waiting passengers:" Does anyone know this man?" No-one answered. "You'll have to stand in line sir," she said.

"F*** you" , the man said.

"You'll have to stand in line for that too sir"