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Published on August 3, 2008 By adnauseam In Current Events

I know that many Joeusers are interested in History so I decided to provide some factual evidence on the Siege Of Sarajevo for you to link to. It makes heavy and horrific reading but it is all factual evidence provided by the United Nations Commission of Experts.

I prefer to look at the involvement of Milosevic, Karadicz, Mladic and others rather than condemn them outright---because I do not understand the reasons. But, if you read this report and read various reports on Srebrenica and the massacre there, you may be inclined to say they must have been involved. I'm not going to condemn---the court will do that. What I ask is WHY? Why, after the horrors of Warsaw, Auschwitz and countless other places 65 years ago, can man still be so cruel and heartless in the nineteen nineties?

Here is the complete link:


If it's difficult to access just Google "Siege of Sarajevo" and you'll find it.


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